Check out some of our past projects.


  • We have designed numerous devices based on the TI MSP430 line of microcontrollers. See our MSP430 page for more information.
  • We have designed embedded, web-enabled devices for data collection applications using CGI, PHP, MySQL, and Javascript. These devices collect data to nonvolatile memory, email data to selected recipients, post data to a MySQL database, and allow the user to view the data in tabular and graphical form.
  • We have designed and implemented software for a wide area network based portable data collection device used by a major package delivery service. The system communicates package tracking data from tens of thousands of vehicles to mainframes and spans North America. A custom transport protocol provides low cost data delivery over slow or unreliable networks. Multiple wireless interfaces are supported including GPRS/GSM, WLAN, CDMA, etc. This system reliably delivers gigabytes of data per day.
  • We have designed several patented music-related products for ourselves and other clients. Please check out our PM-150 Audio Power Meter as an example.
  • We have designed several consumer products for mass distribution worldwide, including DSP audio processing, custom LCDs, custom firmware, and special purpose sensor handling (such as strain gages). Several of these devices have been wireless.
  • We have performed patent related investigations for several customers in the course of our design and development work. We have filed and prosecuted several patent applications for our own inventions without the use of a patent attorney.
  • We have developed high security access software and hardware for military application.
  • We have designed and implemented software controlling several advanced networked voice/data communications systems along oil and gas pipelines throughout North America. The systems consist of hundreds of vehicles and dozens of radio repeaters using state of the art hardware, and an Atlantic Quality Design custom multitasking operating system. Any vehicle within the network may be located and called in seconds from any other vehicle, telephone, aircraft or central dispatch computer. Central control includes computer graphic display tracking of the vehicles. The systems contain extensive remote alteration facilities allowing centralized maintenance, fault diagnosis, and software upgrades. Remote terminal units (RTUs) for analog/digital field instrumentation are also supported.
  • We have designed and implemented software for several legacy communications applications using the BellSouth Mobitex network, Aeris MicroBurst, and CDPD. For the Mobitex system, this includes writing the communications protocol drivers as well.¬†state
  • We have experience with high security electronic locking devices, hardware and software.
  • We have designed and implemented software and hardware for numerous RS-232/RS-485/Ethernet networking applications and products.
  • We have designed data logging systems which gather position information from Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers, reporting the data either locally via radio or via satellite to a host.
  • We have designed short range, FCC Part 15 RF data links for various applications. These are typically battery powered where low power and small size are critical. We designed a low power FM transmitter that has been published by Circuit Cellar Magazine.
  • We have designed and implemented software and electronic hardware controlling a patented wired/wireless electro-mechanical outdoor sign capable of displaying graphics and text in a large format suitable for advertising. The display communicates via radio or wire with a central PC host controller¬†listing which uploads graphics images and their display schedules, whereafter the sign sequences entire ad campaigns independent of the host. Extensive diagnostics in the firmware allow easy remote maintenance. Accompanying PC software implements extensive paint and communications functions. The signs are used in commercial, government, and traffic control applications.
  • We have designed and implemented hardware and software for various sporting applications, including scoring instrumentation, match timing, and large format displays. The equipment is approved by international regulatory bodies for use in high level competitions. Modular construction permits customization of the system to meet customer needs.
  • We have designed an energy efficient on-demand hot water heater, which heats water only as it flows through the unit. A PIC microprocessor controls many thousands of watts of heating elements in real time based on flow rate and water temperature.
  • We have experience in many other areas too numerous to detail, such as humidification and instrumentation, infrared remote control and protocols, broadcast electronics, fiber optics, motor drivers, scales, low noise design, audio DSP for musical effects, handheld computers, process control, AC power measurement, and on and on.¬†schematic1

On all these projects, products and systems, we were NOT merely a system integrator, but actually developed the hardware and/or software in-house, or with a client’s team. We have the ability to design from the component and mechanical level up, all the way to systems that work on a national scale. In these days of canned application languages and overspecialized geeks, that’s a rare skill set.

General Services

We have reviewed designs of others and redesigned products which had quality or parts availability problems. Companies come to us for opinions about how to proceed with a new product or a redesign.

We have also designed numerous printed circuit boards for clients as needed. This has included redesign of existing products to improve manufacturability, eliminate sole-sourced or obsolete parts, or add new features.

These are but a few of the interesting projects we have done in past years. They required a wide range of hardware, software, packaging, and system design expertise. Most involved working closely with the client’s development team. We also do turnkey hardware/software solutions resulting in a complete product. In all cases we fit the existing situation to expedite the project at hand. Results are our goal!