Services We Offer


Can we solve your problem in one phone call? We’ve done it before (for free). Don’t hesitate to call.

We allow your company (or department) to enjoy the flexibility needed to roll with schedule changes and frantic moving target operating modes of short design cycles. We do this not just for your survival, but for your success, and we have a history of success. Read some of our customers’ testimonials.

Our strength is embedded system design, that is, microprocessor based products. This includes all the real world analog, digital, and communications interfaces demanded of today’s applications.

We’ve written over a MILLION lines of software source code, and have completed over a a hundred unique hardware designs since inception. This hardware and software is either in production now, or has served its function and has been successfully retired. Thus we have considerable experience over the entire product life cycle.

We work on an as-needed basis, providing intelligent services to fill the gaps in your team or schedule. If your company cannot afford a full time electronics designer, or has a special project or a schedule squeeze, we are here for you. We are your virtual engineering department.

Cloud Engineering

Why buy a whole engineer when you can save money by employing one only as needed, without taking up space in your office? The ‘cloud’ buzzword is new, but we have been working that way for decades.

Browse our site and then call us to discuss your needs. The initial consultation is free! And we are here to stay, still doing business for even the first clients we received in 1989 at our inception. Our focus is on successful relationships, not billable hours.

We offer a wide range of services to solve your product and design problems

  • Analog and digital circuit design
  • Mathematical algorithm design
  • PC software (C++, Pascal, assembly)
  • Embedded system software (C, C++, assembly) See our MSP430 page for examples.
  • Communication protocol design
  • Middleware (network to network translation/communications software)
  • System architecture design
  • Software and hardware test
  • Sheet metal enclosure design
  • Technical writing and manufacturing documentation
  • Optimization and troubleshooting of existing designs
  • Design reviews
  • Cost reduction
  • Redesign of problem products
  • Low power design
  • RF remote control design
  • RF voice communications design
  • Printed circuit layout
  • Product prototype design and construction

Broad Brand Name Coverage

We have expert level experience with many, many brands of devices, including Microchip, TI, Motorola, Atmel, Intel, Hitachi, Sanyo, Samsung, various ARM incarnations, and others. This experience spans the range from hardware design to high level software and system operation. We were designing with and programming microprocessors when they were brand new!

Asian Manufacturing Assistance

It can be difficult getting consistent execution of designs manufactured in China and other countries. We ease difficulties by providing documentation that is accurate and comprehensive, leaving little room for error or misinterpretation. Vendor capabilities vary, and we can adapt to a supplier’s capabilities, or help you qualify other vendors.

We also test first articles and samples of manufactured goods to ensure proper assembly and function. Our test fixtures help manufacturers catch defective product before it leaves the factory.

Industrial Designer Rescue

Your industrial designer has created a cool looking exterior view for your product, but how do you make the product real? We design the ugly, detailed innards of your product to give it life. Award winning good looks are obviously not enough. Life is about FUNCTION, not just form! Physics, mathematics, engineering, electronics, software, algorithms, analysis and experience converge to create living function. Let us animate your creation from the inside out.

New Product Research and Ideas

Is your company casting about for a product direction? We can help by examining your markets, your existing and competitors’ products, and your customers’ needs. Our ideas can be applied directly to your product line, or may simply stimulate fresh thinking in your people to lead you in new directions. You might have a new product that needs an edge in the marketplace, and we can help refine it to that goal. We work in a focused, small company environment and can lend that clarity to your efforts, and for little cost.

Software and Hardware Test

If it’s not tested, it does not work. We can test your hardware and software to expose weaknesses and defects, making your product stronger in the process. We can design electromechanical test rigs for complicated products, to exercise systems under real world conditions, performing thousands or even millions of tests so you have confidence in the performance of your product.

Troubleshooting Services

Do you have a product or process that is nagging you with serious problems? We have helped many clients repair persistent design and production issues, redesign poorly working subassemblies, and troubleshoot hardware and software difficulties that were idling the production line. In most cases these problems had dragged on for months with little progress, but our suggestions got them out of neutral and back into DRIVE.

Only a few hours are typically needed to examine a design for possible problems. Our suggestions can be implemented by your staff, or we can visit your site to make the necessary measurements and modifications. (We will work with your staff in a friendly, nonconfrontational way in these situations.) Sometimes all you need is a second set of fresh eyes to look at a problem, and a solution proceeds shortly. Feel free to call and chat about your needs.

Product Testing Services

Do you have a software/hardware product that needs some testing and verification prior to release to your customers? We can help. We can test embedded and PC programs for function and put your hardware through its paces. From the simplest spell check on Windows programs to testing hardware for race conditions and power dissipation, we can help. Call to discuss your needs.

Trade Show Displays

You have a great product but it’s not too exciting to look at, and that critical industry trade show is coming up. We can help your product pop (visually!) for your potential customers. Perhaps you need a small device that interfaces with your product to run it through its paces. Or you need a display that shows what your product is doing in detail. We can build such devices in small quantity, without breaking the bank.

Patent Attorney Guidance

We can work with your patent attorney to help craft patent specifications, claims, and drawings that capture the uniqueness of your product. We have experience writing and filing our own patent applications, and can be the conceptual bridge between your engineers and attorneys to help in the patent process.

Proof of Concept Devices

Let’s say you have a great idea, but need some hardware or a functional demonstration to line up investors or woo management. We can usually build a device from off the shelf hardware that performs some or all of the functions of your product, for a fraction of the production tooling. This is sometimes all you need to get a go/no-go indication from management (or the universe) that your idea is viable.

Customization of our Products

We are happy to quote customization of one of our existing products to meet your requirements. Just ask. Take a look at our musical products.

Starting Your Project

To get started on your project, we need the following information, perhaps with other requirements specific to your product. Use this list as a guide to collect your specifications.

  • Schedule requirements.
  • Functional description. What does or will your product do? How does your customer use and misuse the product? This may include text descriptions, truth tables, charts, pictures, state diagrams, etc.
  • Electrical specifications. This describes the product’s power requirements, regulatory compliance, and input/output characteristics.
  • Environmental specifications. This describes the product’s operating and storage temperature limits, weatherproofing features, and tolerance of physical vibration and shock.
  • Physical specifications. This describes the product’s target size, weight, shape, and other special requirements.
  • Interface specifications. If your product interfaces with other devices or systems, this information describes these devices or systems, possibly referring to published industry standards.
  • Cost parameters. What’s your target manufactured cost? What’s your target sale price?

You may download a Word file of the checklist above that you can fill in and email to us.

We can help you fill in gaps in your specification, if needed, and many customers come to us only with a vague functional description. However, please address as many of these issues as you can.

Confidentiality Concerns?

Before disclosing any confidential information to us, please call us to discuss in general terms your needs. To proceed further, we can execute our standard bilateral nondisclosure agreement.