What do our customers say about us?

We have customers all over North America, and they have given us some stellar feedback over the years. Here are some excerpts from unsolicited letters received from three of our small company clients.

  • “We realize that you have put in many long days (and nights) these past few months working on our projects. We wish to extend our appreciation for your diligent efforts and contributions in helping us achieve our goals. Enclosed is a check for $5000.00 which we hope will help offset some of the sacrifices that go along with working extended hours.  …through the years we have seldom encountered anyone that has demonstrated the level of professionalism, expertise and commitment that we have received from you. We value the relationship between our companies and hope that it has been mutually beneficial, and that it will continue for many more years.”
  • “We feel very fortunate having you as part of our team… You have been a pleasure to work with and we’ve been extremely pleased with the promptness and speed at which you did your work. Most of all we were (and are) grateful that your work came in under budget and that the cost structure of the new product was on target. We love projects like that!”
  • “Thank you for supporting [our] re-design project. The prototypes that you have redesigned and built are working flawlessly. As a result, we have contacted [a contract manufacturer] to initiate manufacture. Again, thank you for your assistance. I enjoyed working with you and look forward to mutual opportunities in the future.”

We would love for your company to write us a glowing letter, too. All we need to do is complete a project for you first!